SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Top Factors In SEO Search Engine Optimization:

SEO Factor 1: Visits to the page by folks and for longer durations of time, etc. 

SEO Factor 2: Page loading speed. If it takes longer than a second to load you have a problem. Optimizing images, overall content, and keeping things still enticing is key to fast load times.

SEO Factor 3: Keywords in Search Engine Optimization has long been the vital juice to fuel Google's bot crawlers for appropriate indexing/"saving" for Google's library of relevant results for given searches.

SEO Factor 4: Getting others to share your content across the internet world, having high traffic websites back-link to your site, and having social media drive hits to your website are massively important.

SEO Factor 5: Meta tagging, tagging images with appropriate names, and tagging anything on your website that has room to be titled appropriately for patrons searching on Google, Yahoo, etc is critical as well.


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