David Garcia Eugene.jpg

Founded by and lead by David Garcia…

Starting from his home at his flavorite spot, the kitchen island…in his underwear. Questing to uplift his local community in various ways the last few years have been focused on digital marketing and also brokering enterprise solutions such as the latest, SentinelOne.

OCD for pain he’s seen…ok, enough of the third person…

I have afforded the opportunity to be part of various social philanthropic efforts and as my evolution in entrepreneurial pursuits progressed I found myself in a crossroads a few years back- be basic, just clock in and clock, and work for someone else’s dream. I decided to take the jump and the rest is a story of ups and downs but fortunately the biggest thing learned was ownership. Ain’t no one gonna pay your paycheck. No one is going to wake you up. No one is also going to yell at you for working any hour, whether in the middle of the night or fill in the blank.

I will come back and fill more of this in but for now Tempo Consulting Group is a creation from the roots up and now has a network of individuals, businesses, and collaborative partners to further grow each other in various ways… a major goal is to secure a network that has leverage to impact firstly and concentrate on Lane County, with Eugene, OR being the hometown/main target for ROI within it’s players.