Absenteeism, what are your thoughts? Is there a cure?


Someone asked about how to mitigate absenteeism. What are your thoughts?


Here are a few of mine shared at Tempo Consulting Group:

1. Recruiting:

Hire motivated healthy people from the start, give them the tools, and get the f out of the way!


2. Culture: 

Have tenants that are simple yet clear through training, visual collateral, and ongoing reinforcement. ALSO, create FUN - have healthy fun social time outside of "the grind", create a FUN committee, and ensure your employee culture is one that can be reflected as "family"...but in a way that is optional and NOT forced.


3. Boundaries: 

Follow through on consequences based on CLEAR boundaries and rules that had been relayed


4. Survey: 

Anonymous surveys are massively important to gain understanding of perspectives and what appropriate action troubleshooting should be done.


5. Transparency: 

Work with folks that have had a pattern of lateness and coach to success with reporting that shows progress or digress.


6. Reward: 

Positive reinforcement via awards, raises, acknowledgement among peers, and advancement is key. Must watch out not to reward for inaccurate data/reports...employees can see if "daddy" favors the "first born" rather than who actually earned it!


7. Family: 

Creating a workforce that aims at a similar structure to that of a healthy family model is a total natural key to unlocking personal and business growth. Sticking to just "The Office" atmosphere stunts the opportunity to really pull out the human potential we have in a tribal, familial, and humanly collaborative environment.

Lastly, tardiness is relative. Some positions as we know aren't time based, they are measured in outcome.


Ideally, creating a work environment much like a healthy fun happy family gets WAY MORE accomplished and is a proven success for some of the largest sustained corporations...

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