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We get you found, make you memorable, and engineer client acquisition


Some Of Our Projects:

SEO, Website creation, content creation, photo, video, product marketing, social media, FB Live, Blog, AND Beyond!

Our Psychological Process | Limbic Logistics


In efforts to further articulate the law of attraction from our perspective and expertise, David Garcia CEO and Founder, molded a process together described in the following: Through the Limbic Logistics’ process TCG will employ next generation psycho-social understanding as we quest to discover, assess, engineer, and inject a socially relevant process to impact clientele acquisition. Whether it is marketing, graphic design, website design, IT improvement, opperations improvement, the goal is to utilize this process to determine the logistics to engage the Limbic System (our brain’s emotional HQ) in the brains of as many people as possible, a sort of culturally relevant social bio-hack. 



Years Of MARKETING Experience

Our marketing is steeped in behavioral psychology and entrepreneurial accomplishment. As stated above the aim is to be found online or offline, hit that limbic system to be memorable, and perfect the user experience to hasten client acquisition.



Years Of providing Consultation

From small to large businesses and individuals to large groups, we consult in collaboration to hasten goals and illumine new evolutionary ideas.



YEars of it experience

From troubleshooting networks to security assessments the aim for IT is to reduce downtime, preserve reputation, and accelerate tasks.

Our Services

Website & App Creation

Need an intelligent, attractive, and at a price lower than what you've likely seen?

Get found. Be memorable, and create an understandable and easy user experience. Utilizing our deep knowledge in our own created Limbic Logistics process, we aim to understand the pulse of your market, audience specific cognitive psychology, human behavior, and other pieces to the revenue generating pie.

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Drone Photo/Videography

These buggers are fantastic at providing perpective and further explaining your story from up high to inside your location. 

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Managed IT Services

Whether it's setting up a network, helpdesk, or anything IT use us to get the job done whether the high costs of other agencies. Our aim is to mitigate technical issues in order to maintain your tempo, preserve reputation, and accelerate growth.


SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is HUGE and paramount in getting you to the top of Google. We can run tests, assess what's needed, and impliment SEO search engine optimization with current day 2018 standards. 

SEO is an ongoing process that takes understanding of the market, Google standards, human behavior, etc.  It ain't just key words. 


Content Creation

From photography to videography and copyrighting to various forms of graphic design let us put our creative juices to work and be an extension of your branding efforts! 


Social media

One of the top arms in the digital space to contract business, get followers, add awareness, and increase your entity's success.

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Our Mission

Client Acquisition. Message Propagation. Dream Realization. Over and out.

Our Process:


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"Tempo really does keep the pace with what they say and produce. My business has been given an uplift because of them."

Ramiro | Sapphire Jewelry Owner | See The Website, Photos, Video, and Copyright Here


"Good job amigos! It was great having you work alongside with me and my company. Having you patiently work with me made things so much easier get my amazing website done!"

Valentin | Seguridad Security | Website, video, copyright, consulting


"Thank You, Tempo Consulting Group. Very professional they took great care of me and our company.... I highly recommend using them!"

Robert | Loving Care Senior Referral Service | Video, social media, consulting

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